Divorce And The Children

A breakdown of a relationship is never easy especially when children are involved. Eventually one parent leave’s the family home and the subject of the children and when do you get to see them.

Usually if there has been no domestic violence in the relationship everything starts out fine. Everything is done with the good intentions for the children. Then things start to change, one parent discovers that the other parent has a new partner. Will they be expected to call them mum/dad, what do they do when they spend time with them.

New Partners

Your mind starts to wonder all the bad things that could be happening to your child/children. It’s human nature and we always think of the worse that could happen, it’s very rare that we think of the best possible things that could happen. The mind is a very dark place indeed.

Impaired Judgement

You could send a sharp text message or you could drop off your child/children late the next time its your turn. Before you know it the little tit for tat has got completely out of hand. Where does it go now, you no longer actually talk and the text messages have now just become abusive and disrespectful.


Get help, get a 3rd party to mediate it is a much more cost effective solution to your differences. Of course there may be reasons that mediation can not take place

Issues With Mediation

The other instance of not attempting mediation is when domestic abuse has been present within the marriage.

Women’s Refuge . Mens Advice Line

The Final Step, a Prohibited Steps Order

Remember this is for the welfare of the child and not for your benefit.

Common Questions

Can I Take My Child on Holiday?

Can a Prohibited Steps Order Be Changed?

What Can I Do If The Other Parent Doesn’t Come Back?

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